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What is is brought to you by the Bujinkan New York Dojo LLC with the goal of providing quality martial arts education, insight and entertainment. To this end, we share our passion of the Ninja and Samurai martial arts.

Who is the Instructor?

Ninja Lessons is operated by Joe Maurantonio, sensei and the members of the Bujinkan New York Dojo. Maurantonio-sensei has been training in the Ninja and Samurai martial arts since 1983 and received his shidoshi (teaching certification) in June 1991.

Where is the school?

Our school, located in Westchester, New York is affiliated with Bujinkan Hombu founded by soke (Headmaster) Masaaki Hatsumi located in Noda, Japan.

When is the training?

Regular 90-minute classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Once a month we have a Saturday 150-minute class. Private Lessons are schedule upon request (usually on Thursday night or Saturday afternoon).

What kind of information is taught?

Our taijutsu (skills) use relaxed, natural movement, timing and control of distance to overcome an opponent's speed and strength. Movement is natural, so power is derived from motion not strength. Subtle stepping and angling provides evasion. Our training is not interested in sport competition or artificial rules. We emphasize shiken gata (combat survival techniques).

How is my Private Lesson unique?

No two private lessons are the same!

When a new student arrives we take a few moments to meet and chat with them. Through conversation we find their interests (unarmed fighting, weapons, strategy, historial insights, etc) and tailor the training experience. This allows us to showcase the training in a very unique and exciting way. We are excited to say this has helped us with our amazing success rate!