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March 2006 ---- Worldwide --- Immediate Release

Ninjas and the 'Net

In the 1990's you couldn't turn a magazine page or watch a movie without seeing some reference to these deadly, mystical warriors. Flash forward to today, the term ninja is associated with anything that is fast, sneaky, adventurous, or simply way cool.

And NOW --- Ninja Lessons™ online!
Video lessons (and more) for your inner ninja.

Instruction is provided by highly skilled, senior ranked, instructors based in New York, USA.

Members of Ninja Lessons can watch and learn anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Priced inexpensively (the cost of about one class) Ninja Lessons is meant to prvide you with hours of insight and entertainment.

So don't worry that there isn't a ninja school within a hundred miles of your home. Pesky boss making you work overtime and you miss a class? No Problem. Turn on the PC, turn up the volume, and step back.

Its unconventional, but that's the ninja way. For more information visit